Photograph by Marian Duven

Photograph by Marian Duven


I have been a trainer for 13 years, focusing on staff development for some of the worlds largest sport companies. My passion lies in supporting individuals to grow and become their version of “a better me”.

Being a helping hand on the journey on personal growth and development. Taking The Desire Map courses has put me in this direction, where I am now excited about being able to share the wonderful and liberating workshops! Starting with “How Do I Want To Feel” as my first question to myself was a game changer for me and changed how I look at my life and how I set my goals.

It’s no longer about having certain things, but rather understanding what it is I’m trying to feel by getting those things. Once I know that, moving towards that feeling is more rewarding because my intent is true, and with genuine purpose.

My Core Desired Feelings?

Dare, Strong, Radiant & Free

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