Thank You!


Soul Session 1 and 2 done. And in addition to that, which I never expected, I was honoured by completing private Desire Map sessions which has been a wonderful experience!

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you that showed up. Time truly is the most limited resource that we have, and that you chose to spend this time together with me is a humbling experience.

I also want to send an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to a true powerhouse, and a soul sister; Courtenay @mytreeyoga. When this idea, to start providing Desire Map sessions in Lugano, was just a seed I reached out to Courtenay. Before I received her reply my mind was going round round in circles. What if she would hate the idea? Or love the idea but not want to do this with me? Or if she didn’t reply at all?! But then, her response. And it lit up my day and I was so happy.

I couldn’t ask for a better partner to start this journey. She provides, in addition to her own beautiful self, knowledge and clarity that is needed in this spinning world, a location that is beyond and sets the scene for such amazing workshops, a laughter that is contagious and clear feedback that helps me improve. If you haven’t visited the MyTree Yoga studio yet, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Courtenay and the tribe at MyTree provide a truly unique offering and a setting that is so welcoming. A home away from home.

With the full moon today I am reflecting on my goals, seeking for clarity and focus. Removing whatever clutter that is in my way. And I am getting ready for the next session in September.

More will come about that session, we will turn to a more heart centring practice that will take us to the next level. Hope to see you there!

My ego

Today I had a workshop at my office (FYI a great place to work and fantastic people) and over lunch I had a really nice conversation with my colleagues about ego. How the Ego truly gets in the way sometimes and the path to recognize when it happens can be long and challenging. What we ended up with was that when you do manage to “check yourself”, there is such a sensation of relief.

At home, my husband and I often talk about trying to choose the path of least resistance. I find that this is easiest to do when I manage to keep my ego in check. It’s not about reacting to things, but allowing situations to land. My instant reactions are often my ego, shouting very clever things like “but what about me!”.

Recently I’ve found myself in situations where I am able to recognize the reactions quicker, and by that I mean that I can see that this is a reaction to something but it’s probably not my true self that is surfacing but rather my ego. And what I can do is counter my ego with my Core Desired Feelings. It doesn’t mean that the reaction directly goes away, what it does do is that is helps me see with more clarity. And as we know, clarity creates simplicity. And with simplicity, it is much easier to choose the path of least resistance.

Ride Your Wave

2019 around the corner. What will your new year look like? Sound like? Feel like?


It feels like we are in a time of beautiful movement in the world. A movement where women are coming together creating communities like never before. With open minds, open hearts and open hands.

2019 will be the year when I will ride my wave. In my full capability, with pride and enjoying every bit of it. Even if I fall off, I’ll damn well get up on my board and make sure to catch the next one. I’m clear on what I want to feel like. And I am taking decisions every day to help me stay aligned and supporting myself to feel that exact way. Are you?

If you are curious about setting Goals With Soul, that will let you ride your wave, the check out The Desire Map program. And if you’re in Switzerland - keep an eye out for the upcoming intro sessions and the release of the dates for the 4 workshops coming up in collaboration with @mytreeyoga. A full day workshop, creating connections between your intentions and core desired feelings with the help of movement and meditation to support the process. .

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Last Intro Session for the year! Come!


Last Intro Session for the Year!

Start your upcoming weekend just right my giving yourself a true December treat!

Sign up for the Essential Practice with Courtenay, then follow that up by joining the last Intro Session to The Desire Map program for the year with me!

1.5 hours of the Intro session, we will look at visualising feelings, what do they look and sound like? All in the journey to better understand our core desired feelings, and figuring out how to get there! The Desire Map program is a fantastic gift to yourself, are you ready to treat yourself?

And the years pass by


As I wake up today, surrounded by my family, I acknowledge how lucky I am and I feel an enormous sense of gratitude. For the small things. For appreciating the efforts made, the time spent, the will to make something special for me.

I now understand why my parents kept saying that they didn’t wish for anything for their birthdays. As much as I KNOW that they love presents, as do I, it’s a strange question today. I honestly wouldn’t be able to ask for much. Being able to wake up like this is the greatest gift of all.

Today I have given myself as a presenta day off, and I will focus on giving Thanks. Thank you and care for my body by getting moving (coming for you crossfit!), spending time in the Fresh Air on this beautiful day, then cooking for my love.

Can’t think of a better start to my week!

First little taste...


The light within

Today I delivered a customised session for my good friend Courtenay at MyTree Yoga, who today ran a Radiate Retreat at her center. A one day retreat, focusing on starting the hectic month of December off just right. It’s so easy to be swept into the craziness of December, with a lot of the “I must must must” stuff that tends to happen around this time of year.

So we thought that a centered theme of “the light within” fitted nicely. What does it feel like, when you feel light? How do you want to feel when feeling your inner light? What is stopping you from that today, and what are two things you will do to support your journey to feel the way you want to feel.

I truly am in awe of how powerful the centring of this question is, how do you want to feel. It’s amazing. It opens doors. It helps us manifest what we truly want. Being on this journey is exciting and it FEELS GREAT that it’s not just the program itself, it’s the full use of my experiences and work and history that is coming in to play and being useful. It’s liberating.