Ride Your Wave

2019 around the corner. What will your new year look like? Sound like? Feel like?


It feels like we are in a time of beautiful movement in the world. A movement where women are coming together creating communities like never before. With open minds, open hearts and open hands.

2019 will be the year when I will ride my wave. In my full capability, with pride and enjoying every bit of it. Even if I fall off, I’ll damn well get up on my board and make sure to catch the next one. I’m clear on what I want to feel like. And I am taking decisions every day to help me stay aligned and supporting myself to feel that exact way. Are you?

If you are curious about setting Goals With Soul, that will let you ride your wave, the check out The Desire Map program. And if you’re in Switzerland - keep an eye out for the upcoming intro sessions and the release of the dates for the 4 workshops coming up in collaboration with @mytreeyoga. A full day workshop, creating connections between your intentions and core desired feelings with the help of movement and meditation to support the process. .

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