First little taste...


The light within

Today I delivered a customised session for my good friend Courtenay at MyTree Yoga, who today ran a Radiate Retreat at her center. A one day retreat, focusing on starting the hectic month of December off just right. It’s so easy to be swept into the craziness of December, with a lot of the “I must must must” stuff that tends to happen around this time of year.

So we thought that a centered theme of “the light within” fitted nicely. What does it feel like, when you feel light? How do you want to feel when feeling your inner light? What is stopping you from that today, and what are two things you will do to support your journey to feel the way you want to feel.

I truly am in awe of how powerful the centring of this question is, how do you want to feel. It’s amazing. It opens doors. It helps us manifest what we truly want. Being on this journey is exciting and it FEELS GREAT that it’s not just the program itself, it’s the full use of my experiences and work and history that is coming in to play and being useful. It’s liberating.