My ego

Today I had a workshop at my office (FYI a great place to work and fantastic people) and over lunch I had a really nice conversation with my colleagues about ego. How the Ego truly gets in the way sometimes and the path to recognize when it happens can be long and challenging. What we ended up with was that when you do manage to “check yourself”, there is such a sensation of relief.

At home, my husband and I often talk about trying to choose the path of least resistance. I find that this is easiest to do when I manage to keep my ego in check. It’s not about reacting to things, but allowing situations to land. My instant reactions are often my ego, shouting very clever things like “but what about me!”.

Recently I’ve found myself in situations where I am able to recognize the reactions quicker, and by that I mean that I can see that this is a reaction to something but it’s probably not my true self that is surfacing but rather my ego. And what I can do is counter my ego with my Core Desired Feelings. It doesn’t mean that the reaction directly goes away, what it does do is that is helps me see with more clarity. And as we know, clarity creates simplicity. And with simplicity, it is much easier to choose the path of least resistance.